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Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University
Center of science and postgraduate education


 "We must to provide the new level of University Education and science development!"

N.A. Nazarbayev





Magistracy in KazHJIU is professional academic program of the postgraduate education directing to the preparation of the scientific, pedagogical and management specialists with the title of Master degree of appropriate speciality.
Education on Magistracy of KazHJIU divided into to directions:
Profiled Magistracy (period of study – 1 year) realizes professional academic program of the postgraduate education directing to the preparation of specialists (including leading direction), top-manager for economics, medicine, law, art, service sphere and business, who have deep professional education.
Scientific and pedagogical magistracy (period of study 2 years) realizes professional academic program of the postgraduate education directing to the preparation of the scientific and pedagogical specialists for the system of higher, postgraduate education and scientific sphere, who have deep scientific and pedagogical training.
There are specialties which KazHJIU is provided:
6М010300 «Pedagogy and psychology»
6М011400 «History»
6М020500 «Philology»
6М030100 «Jurisprudence»
6М050600 «Economics»
6М060200 «Informatics»

Educational process in magistracy of KazHJIU realizes on credit technology. Since 2014 the curriculum of postgraduate education at the University include elements jointly with foreign universities master programs, elective courses with an international bias, subjects in a foreign language, providing integrated Master training as a professional of high level on education with a focus on international educational standards.
In KazHJIU specialized master's programs set up in close cooperation with potential employers, provide a clear practice-oriented program bind to its target audiences among students and employers, and aimed at the needs of the market.
To implement the basic principle of operation of universities - "learning through research" in the master's program the university provides the integration of education and science. On the basis of KazHJIU 6 research centers are successfully functioning, headed by leading scientists of our region extending database research practices undergraduates.
KazHJIU undergraduates are trained and research internships at leading universities of Kazakhstan, Russia, England, Czech Republic, Turkey and others on the programs of academic mobility. Undergraduates of KazHJIU become participants of the international program "Bolashak" with the possibility to study in elite foreign universities.

"Science is infinite, every day more and more new tasks appear, and university education should endeavor to excite a desire to contribute to the treasury of science."

D.I. Mendeleev


Innovations in educational process
Wide use of informational technologies in educational process
The integrate curriculums
The high quality of scientific and educational literature in educational process
The high level of computerization
Comfortable study rooms with LCD-projectors, web-cameras, linguaphone equipment

Quality of educational programs and training methodology

The famous scientists, and their high and artistic potential
Advantageous combination of scientific and educational components of the curriculum
Foreign scientists read lectures
Education on the specialized “professional-oriented” master programs
The presence in curriculum the collaboration with foreign universities master programs, elective courses with an international bias, subjects on a foreign language
Education on the programs of academically mobility

Educational directions and flexible training schedule

The possibility to form the individual direction of education
Suitable training schedule (mainly in the evening)
There are adoptable educational programs for prerequisites mastering, needed to particular professional educational program of magistracy
Additional program mastering of pedagogical direction for graduates on profiled magistracy, who want to continue their scientific and pedagogical activity
Intensive learning of foreign languages

High scientific and research potential

The functioning of massive scientific schools
Direction of educational programs to fundamental and profiled researches
The inclusion of undergraduates into the system of scientific continuity through a chain of scientific and educational procedures
Research practices in scientific centers, research laboratories
The opportunity to participate in foreign scientific internships
Stable partner collaborations and scientific connections with foreign Universities
The publications of scientific articles in the magazine “Vestnik of KazHJIU”
The organization of annual scientific and practical conferences, scientific competitions for magistrates
Social support for modern scientists

The demand of magistracy graduates in the labor market

Compilation of curriculum based on indicators of the demand dynamics in key competencies of graduates
Organization of profiled and pedagogical practices
Providing seminars, exhibitions and meetings with employers
The active database of magistracy graduates


Center of science and postgraduate education is a structural subdivision of the University and submit to the vice-rector for strategic development and science.

The mission: to train highly qualified scientific and pedagogical and managerial personnel on 6 specialties of masters and 1 specialty of doctoral PhD; the creation of a competitive system of postgraduate education in KazHJIU, institutional and methodological support of research activities at the university, promoting advancement of scientific production, promotion of the achievements of the University in the field of scientific research.

Aim: To coordinate training activities for graduates and doctoral research work for teachers and students, the introduction of new forms and directions of scientific cooperation, the expansion of scientific and educational contacts with various universities in Kazakhstan, foreign countries, organizations, funds and programs, enabling professionals to prepare integrated thought and action.
Activities of the Center of science and postgraduate education aimed at improving the effectiveness of the participation of faculty and students in research projects, support and coordination of innovative activity of the university scientists, promoting the development of science and practice in priority areas, the implementation of work in the field of planning, organizing and monitoring, accounting, analysis and evaluation of the educational process in the system of postgraduate training.

The activity of the center of science and postgraduate education includes:
1. Edition of scientific and pedagogical staff of postgraduate education in accordance with the needs of the labor market in the region.
2. Acquaintance with international and local (native) experience of scientific and pedagogical staff of postgraduate education and implementation of experimental educational programs.
3. Forming of the document circulation structure in the Institute
4. Development of specifications and regulatory documentation on the organization of education and research work in the magistracy and doctoral PhD.
5. Teaching and methodical provision of magistracy and doctoral PhD.
6. To promote the work on the analysis and coordination of scientific research in the departments of the university
7. To participate with university departments in developing plans of scientific research (SRW) and future research plans based on state tasks, profile of the university, its scientific and economic interests;
8. To prepare with university departments the annual and interim reports on the implementation of the university about scientific and research activities
9. To organize conferences, symposia, round tables, seminars and other scientific activities, including international ones.

The head of the center of science and postgraduate education: Gainullina Farida Akhmetovna

Specialist of the center of science and postgraduate education: Imanmadieva Aliya Muratovna

Address: Kazakhstan, EKR, Semey, 11,Mangilik el str., room 11

Contact telephone: 8 (7222) 360363 (in.113)