About University

The history of the university has its origin since 1998 . The University started its functioning as a branch of the Kazakh State Academy of Law.
Due to the process of optimization and consolidation of institutions of higher education , two universities – Semipalatinsk Law Institute of Kazakh State Law University and Semipalatinsk University named after M.O. Auezov merged in 2007.
On 6 February, 2009, the educational institution was renamed as ” Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University “.
Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University
(KazHLIU) MISSION :Preparation of competitive specialists with higher and postgraduate education on a wide range of directions, focused on industrial and innovative development of the region.
Vision. Regional University, aimed at meeting the changing needs and expectations of the society.
The main objective of the strategic development of the University is a comprehensive training of competitive specialists able to work in conditions of Kazakhstan integration into the world community.
To achieve the targets for the period up to 2018, the university defines the following priorities:
• management based on modern management techniques;

· creating conditions for life long learning by means of development of continuing education;
• development of forms and improving the quality of educational services based on innovative technologies;
• forecasting the demand for educational services and the management of students enrollment ;
• strengthening relationships with regional business and industry for the development of scientific approaches that are in demand by the market;
• the development of international cooperation in the field of science and culture, the creation of new forms of cooperation;
• providing a wide academic mobility of teachers, students, and undergraduates at the national and international levels;
• support of leading scientists, research groups, scientific and pedagogical schools;
• providing foreign language communicative competence of the teaching staff;
• improvement of material and technical base of scientific and educational environment;
• formation of active civil and social responsibility, a sense of patriotism and high moral and leadership qualities of youth;
• focus on the end result.
KazHLIU is guided by the Act of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan “, regulations of Ministry of Education and Science, the of the educational establishment charter of Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University.
The highest collegiate body is the Academic Council.
Since 2009, the Board of Trustees has been created as a public body interacting with the executive organizations to assist the University in the realization of its statutory functions and the strengthening and providing financial support to ensure the material and technical resources.
Today – KazHLIU is a multi-disciplines university, having a highly qualified teaching staff . KazHLIU is a signatory to the Magna Carta of Universities ( 15-17 September 2010 Bologna , Italy).
The University is a member of the International Educational Associations:
The Association of Universities of Asia (Russian Federation) (Memorandum on the establishment of the Association of Universities of Asia dated 30.06.2012 );
Kazakh- Belarus Research and Education Consortium (Protocol of Accession dated 9 November 2012 );
The principles of the Bologna process are implemented.
The university has more than 3 thousand students of 28 undergraduate and 5 master majors.
The university has four faculties (Law , Humanities, Information Technologies, Finance and Economics ) and 12 departments.
KazHLIU accredited as a subject to participate in the scientific and technical activities at the expense of the state budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan . (Accreditation certificate of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 22.08.2011 Series MK number 001789).
KazHLIU concluded an agreement on cooperation with universities of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Italy, UK promoting integration into the overall educational environment through the implementation of the Bologna process.
These agreements preview joint activities in academic and scientific exchanges, participation in seminars and joint conferences, symposia, exchange of experience in project development and implementation of joint educational programs, attracting various funds to support education and research.
Much attention is paid to the patriotic upbringing of students of KazHLIU.
KazHLIU students are members of the NGO of Community of Young Lawyers (CYL). For the last 6 years, they won grants of Internal Policy Department of East Kazakhstan Region.
Community of Young Lawyers signed a Memorandum on collaboration with the Association of young civil servants of East Kazakhstan Region , East Kazakhstan branch of the youth wing “Zhas Otan” under People’s Democratic Party “Nur Otan”, the East Kazakhstan branch of the Association of “Bolashak” international scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Student government is an integral part of the entire university management system and implements the most important functions of the organization of student life. The main purpose of students government is to form leadership qualities of future specialists.
A unified information network is created, library resources for education process ensuring meets modern requirements. The University provides access to the databases via e- mail, and a global network of INTERNET.
Particular attention is paid to the introduction of information technology teaching, including the use of multimedia teaching programs and information resources, the creation of e-books, the development of corporate and regional networks.
The University publishes the Bulletin of the University scientific journal.
Military department opened at KazHLIU by Government Resolution dated 27.08.2011 Number 997.