Actual questions

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Is it possible to enter magistracy having bachelor degree of another specialty.

Magistrates must have all the prerequisites needed for the development of appropriate professional training program of the Magistracy. The list of necessary prerequisites determined by the Academic Council of KazHJIU. If there is the absence of the necessary prerequisites undergraduates allowed to learn them on a fee basis. In this case the study of Magistrates begins after the full development of all prerequisites.

In KazHJIU act "the table of the classifier of specialties of higher and postgraduate education", "Rules of admission to Master's KazHJIU", which defines the relevant bachelor master specialties, as well as the necessary prerequisites approved educational programs available specialties.

 Having the certificate of the master degree on specialty will it be possible to receive the additional education which allows teaching at the University?

Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University accepts the applications from masters, who have graduated the profiled Master degree and who want to continue scientific and pedagogical activity, for additional education on pedagogically profiled program, with the issuance of state certificate. Period of study is 1 year. Document  acceptance from 10th till 24th of August.

What is the fee of study in magistracy? Are there any discounts and benefits during study?

Fees for master education in KazHJIU depend on annually approved statement by the Government, the state educational order for training specialists with postgraduate education, because it cannot be below it. The University provides tuition discounts established by the Academic Council. 

Does the study in magistracy free from military service?

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 16th of February 2012

“About military service and military status”, students who are studying in magistracy get prorogation from:

1) Military conscription;

2) Conscription on the military charges.