Foreign on-line internship of master students of KazHLIU majoring in “Pedagogy and Psychology” in Altai State University (Russia)

The on-line internship of master students of KazHLIU in the direction of "Pedagogy and Psychology", organized jointly with the Altai State University in a remote format, was completed.

The internship program for master students was developed by scientists of the Department of Psychology of Alta State University on "Levels of regulation of human behavior: evolutionary psychology."

The main lecturer of the program was Lyubimova Olga Markovna, Director of the Institute of Psychology at ASU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor. Within the framework of the lectures the following questions were considered:

  1. Types of regulation of human behavior: biochemical, biophysical, informational and psychological levels of regulation.
  2. Emergence of regulatory mechanisms as a result of BIOLOGICAL evolution: analysis of scientific and experimental data.
  3. The problem of cultural-historical influence on the biological evolution of the Sapiens species.

Such practice of foreign scientific internships for master and doctoral students is a good tradition of our university and allows improving the quality of training of students by obtaining new knowledge, experience of leading foreign scientists in a particular scientific field.