“Years of study at KazHJIU became for me a master class of life”

Graduates KazHJIU work in many areas. One of the representatives of the financial institutions operating in our republic – Toleuzhanov Bakhytzhan, our graduate in 2008 year with a specialty in “Jurisprudence”.

Bakhytzhan had high achievements in their studies, as well as active participation in social and cultural life of the university.  It features the ability to learn quickly, orderly and hard work. After graduating from the University Bakytzhan he passed the competitive selection for the position of a bailiff in the territorial department of Semey bailiffs Court Administrator EKR. Later he served as a lawyer Bakhytzhan card verification and collection of retail loans, and from 2013 to date – Head of inspection and collection of retail loans, a branch of JSC “Kazkommertsbank” in Semey.

Through hard work and dedication Bakhytzhan received the license of the private bailiff.

Today Bakhytzhan professional in his case, and it is the fruit of hard work!