“Student KazHJIU years – a golden time”

Sergazina Gulzhanat Maratovna – graduate in 2006 year with a specialty in “Jurisprudence”.

During her student years Gulzhanat actively participated in the public life of the university and the city. She was an active member of the Semipalatinsk branch of “Kazakhstan Association of Young Lawyers.” She has made a great contribution to the consolidation of youth NGOs Semey under the auspices of the Association of Youth Organizations with the aim of effective implementation of the state youth policy in the region.

Already in the early years Gulzhanat began to engage in design activity aimed at solving social problems of our city. Gulzhanat is constantly in motion, took part and organized large-scale urban cultural events charity events for the children in orphanages, environmental campaigns, education and training, press conferences, forums, scientific conferences, PR companies, processions, olympics, soccer, debate, KVN, concerts, sociological research.

Before graduation Gulzhanat began working with a specialist in the Semipalatinsk youth association “For the Future of Kazakhstan”, and then in 2003 year moved to the position of Director of GFS ULE “EKO Association of youth and children’s organizations.”

In the following years Gulzhanat worked project coordinator NGO “IRIS”, lawyer LLP «GRAND ElitStroy” coordinator ULE “Civil Alliance of East Kazakhstan region”, a leading expert agency of “Park of Nuclear Technologies” in Astana.

Currently Gulzhanat project manager for the full-color edition of the periodical information and promotional magazines “I Love Semey!”, “I love Oskemen!”. Also, she is still a lawyer, trainer and consultant projects GFS ULE “EKO Association of youth and children’s organizations.” Here is a rich and very exciting, full of enthusiasm, ideas, dating, new discoveries life of our graduates Gulzhanat.

Our graduates – the best! We are proud of our graduate!