“The University has learned to cope with a difficult situations”

During the 17 years of history KazHJIU completed tens of thousands of graduates. Many of them have achieved significant success in their professional activities. Education at the university was the impetus in the career for them. One notable example is our graduate in 2008 year with a specialty in “Jurisprudence” – Zhasulan Sarsebaev.

Over the years spent at the university, Zhasulan had high achievements in their studies, but also actively participated in the public life of the university and the city: a headed of branch by the Kazakhstan Association of Young Lawyers. Zhasulan was the informal leader among peers.

After graduating with a specialty in “Jurisprudence” Zhasulan entered the state service.

At one time, he held the posts of specialist Management of internal policy EKR , the deputy chief of the Department of Culture of East Kazakhstan region, the head of the Office for Youth Policy of the East Kazakhstan area, the deputy chief of the department of internal policy of EKO and to the head of Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Tourism EKR now.

Zhasulan is also Chairman of the Association of young public servants EKR.

Zhasulan never forgets his university. The university, which gave him every opportunity to develop. The place where he was educated. Often the walls of native university Zhasulan take time out of his busy schedule to come Semey to hold meetings with students and participates in the activities of the university in communication with teachers and guidance. Thereby setting an example for young people.

Like any man at Zhasulan have their own interests, their hobbies – editing videos and documentaries, and parachuting.

Our pride  – our graduates!