“At the time I made the right choice – entered the KazHJIU”

Beysembin Maksut our graduate in 2004 year with a specialty in “Jurisprudence”.

In his student years Maksut was one of the best students. Always perform all got jobs, teachers speak about it only on the positive side. He was an active member of the Kazakhstan Association of Young Lawyers, the Association of youth and children’s organizations. He took part in student’s scientific conferences, competition in international law for the Cup F.Dzhessapa.

After graduation, he started working as an assistant prosecutor to Senior Assistant Attorney Alakol district of Almaty region.

Next Maksut appointed prosecutor of the Office for Supervision over the legality of judicial decisions, and administrative enforcement proceedings and civil cases the prosecutor’s office of Almaty region.

He became a prosecutor from office before the senior prosecutor of Department for Supervision over the legality of judicial decisions in civil cases and participation in court management on supervision of legality of court acts and the representation of the interests of the state prosecutor’s office in the court of Almaty region.

Currently Maksut a senior prosecutor prosecutors Talgar district of Almaty region.

Maksut awarded the badge “Honorary graduate of the KazGHIU” for his contribution to the development and strengthening the image of Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical

Innovative University in Kazakhstan.

Thanks to hard work, perseverance and self-development in the Maksut achieved success in their professional activities.

We are proud of our graduates!