“Studying at university – one of the brightest and most memorable times of my life”

Baktiyar Janybek Adenbekovich – our graduate in 2005 year with a specialty in “Jurisprudence”.

In his student years Janybek had high achievers and active lifestyle: playing in the debate, KVN, participated in scientific conferences, he participated directly in the organization and conduct of many public events the university has played a major role in the film “Shakarim tagylymy” active participant in Kazakhstan Young Lawyers Association.

Janybek started his career in 2005 year with the office of the Acting Assistant Attorney Zyryanovsky area, up to 2012 year he worked in the Prosecutor’s Office of EKR.

In 2012 year, rising through the ranks, he became prosecutor Department for Supervision over the application of the laws on public associations and mass media of the Office of the Department of supervision of legality in the socio-economic sphere of the General Office of Public Prosecutor of Kazakhstan.

Currently Janybek chief prosecutor of the Office for Supervision over the legality of judicial decisions of the Department for Supervision over the legality of judicial acts and the representation of interests of the state in criminal cases the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan.

Janybek was awarded the Jubilee Medal “20 years of the Prosecutor’s Office of Kazakhstan” and the badge “2 darezhelі prosecutors үzdіgі”

The first among equals! We are proud of our graduates!