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Our graduate in 2011 year with a specialty in “Jurisprudence” – .

He began his career lecturer at the department of philosophy and political science at our university. He then worked as the director of LLP “Felita.”

In 2012 Ardak goes to public service and has served as mayor of Ozersk rural district. Later becomes chief of organizational and personnel work, and awards in the Akimat of Semey.

Today Ardak director of the branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs Semei of East Kazakhstan region.

Ardak for 5 years as a deputy of Maslikhat of Semei. In addition, he has made an important contribution to the development of our city by participating in activities of the following tips:

– Member of the advisory bodies of Akimat of Semey;

– Member of the Regional Council for the development of technical and vocational education of families;

– Member of the Board of the Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University;

– Member of the Political Council of Nur Otan Party in Semey.

He was awarded the Jubilee Medal “20 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “100 years of Kazakhstan football” and “20 years of Maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”

We are proud of our graduates!